Please read Psalm 41.

There are three walks in Psalm One: Our Walk, God’s Walk and the Devil’s Walk.

“Blessed is he that considereth.”

Very quickly this morning:

Our Privilege, our Problem and our Promise.


Most churches this morning go after the rich, elite, educated; but blessed is he that  considereth the poor…

That is, he that has compassion, kindness and understanding for the poor, needy and weak.

Who are the poor among us this morning?

I am not only talking about the poor financially (that’s all of us), but the lost in the world. Go to the rest homes and the hospital and see and hear who are the poor among us.

Considereth:  Have compassion, kindness and understanding.

He is not saying to finance the poor, but to consider them. Poor:  Positional, physically, and emotionally.

The businessman, as well as, the bartender, and the drug addicts; the doctor, as well as, the drunkard; the politician, as well as, the prostitute.

Most do not consider themselves poor. Jesus had compassion on the sick, poor, and grieving families in Mathew 14.


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