Hebrews 11:13-16.
As we said yesterday, success is not always what one might imagine; in fact, a report given many years ago and still true today proved it takes: 5% information, 30% perspiration, 65% inspiration. In other word’s it is not what you know, but how you apply what you already know, and how much desire you have to accomplish your goal.
These men were driven by DESIRE, not by outside forces.
Having seen them afar off
We too are only strangers and Pilgrims on earth. Faith looks to the future. Anyone can go back into the world; if satisfied with things in the world, but the child of God by faith goes onward to a better country.
We often feel like failures: John the Baptist did not feel worthy to tie the shoe latched of Jesus. Jesus said of John the Baptist, “never was a man as this man.”
We must see the goal or fulfilled promises by faith. The devil is trying to get our eyes off the goal, because sometimes DESIRE is all we have, but we must see it and then others will.
In verse 17 Abraham saw it in Isaac, and Isaac later saw it in Jacob, and Jacob saw it in Joseph, etc. The Bible says that, “We walk by faith and not by sight.”

Desire empowers us to be fully persuaded. Don’t lose sight of it. The devil wants you to look at a problem and say you can’t do it. What we cannot do, God will.
Deuteronomy 15:15, “And thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondman in the land of Egypt, and the LORD thy God redeemed thee: therefore I command thee this thing to day.”

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