Read Proverbs 17:1-6.

If we do not add to our relationships and they grow stale. We replace one for the other.
Husband and wife as lovers need to add new relationships between each other. The same is true with father and son and mother and daughter. We need more than one relationship.

Example: Husband and wife, friend, counselor, confidant.

Watch: Husband – wife and friend. Mother – daughter and friend. Father – son and friend. Then the son becomes like a Dad.

In other words: Father and son become like brothers. Mother and daughter become like sisters. Soon daughter will be like Mom.

The more relationships we have, the greater chance we have of making it. Why? Son pushes Dad in a wheelchair like Dad used to push son in a buggy.

I believe God wants us to add to our relationships. Dad – daughter – friend.

Don’t go through life with just one relationship: Husband – wife, Mom and Dad, etc. Add to it.

When I left real estate I added the pastorate. I did not forsake all I learned as a real estate broker, then I added by teaching in a Bible College. Brother Hyles once told me that my experience as a businessman would help me more than eloquence in preaching, the preaching part will come. What am I saying? Don’t let your relationships grow stale.

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