Genesis 37:1-11

Please study chapters 37-50 if you have the time.

Joseph was a favored son. A faithful steward, but God had to use three disciplines to prepare Joseph:

1. The discipline of SERVICE verses 1-6.
2. The disciplines of SELF-CONTROL 7-16.
3. The discipline of SUFFERING.

The entire story illustrates the Sovereignty of God and His providential care for His own. Joseph had his faults, but stands out as a spiritual giant of the faith.

Jacob erred in making Joseph a ruler before he taught him to be a servant. The result was that he favored him above the others and this made the brothers full of anger that caused them to hate him.

Parents, be careful about having favorites in your family. Joseph was conscious that God had a plan for his life. God’s plan influenced his life. Think about that! What influences your life?

As with Joseph, we never know what we may have to go through to fulfill His plan for us. Look how he was sold into Egypt 37:25-30.


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