Hebrews 2:1-4
We have taught this message on the danger of backsliding through drifting in the past, but felt compelled to update and post it again in these DRIFTING days.
A. Every church or organization sooner or later faces the danger of losing its founding focus and of moving away from the distinctive characteristics, priorities and convictions that brought it into existence.
B. Some of the factors which help to bring this about are Time, Size and Affluence:
The longer an organization is in existence and the larger and more prosperous it becomes, the greater the tendency to shift the organizational emphasis and one’s loyalty from the original convictions to support for and loyalty to the organization itself.
Here is what I am saying: This de-emphasis on convictions allows for toleration of attitudes and views, which in previous times would have been unthinkable.
C. This shift in emphasis is often unintentional: and because the organizational drift is very gradual, it usually goes undetected until the change is quite obvious.
While this is true generally of most organizations it is especially true of the Fundamental Baptist church.
Tomorrow, we will look at the PROCESS OF DRIFTING, please don’t miss the next two days.

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