Hebrews 2:1-4.

How and why do organizations undergo the drifting process?

A. As an organization prospers, it attracts people who appreciate its affluence and potential for success.

These people may be talented, they may not fully understand nor are they necessarily committed to the organizations founding convictions.

They may even have grown up by the principles of the organizations or church, but are hesitant to embrace its unique distinctive qualities.

As well-meaning as some of these may be, they gradually look at the original intentions as a hindrance rather than help. What am I saying?

Here is a worker or believer who has infiltrated the group but is not supportive of its original convictions.

B. The Key as to what happens at this point is in the hands of the organizations or churches leadership.

They can either deal with or ignore the drift problem.

Often what happens is that the leaders who have the ability to keep the organization on course and stop any drifting become more concerned about peace and harmony within the organization or church than with the danger of drifting.

C. As a result, the leadership is often willing to tolerate the problem and drift…which will eventually move it far from their original intentions.


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