We addressed the, PRINCIPLE OF DRIFTING, THE PROCESS OF DRIFTING, and now the most important,
Please read Hebrews 2:1-4.
 A. Recognize the possibility and dangers of drifting.
This is the whole key, and yet this is where most of us fail.
B. Leaders need to have discernment, determination and courage to act. After all, the leader has been placed in a position of confidence and trust by the followers.
They must not only have the right convictions, but also be willing to carry them out.
This may mean taking some drastic action which are both unpopular and unpleasant at times, but it is much like corrective surgery which must be done.
C. Also, there needs of a constant reminder of the original convictions of the organization or church. This is the reason God commanded the children to Israel to teach the Commandments to their children. Deuteronomy 6-8, Psalm 78.
These convictions should be in written form and should be advertised as standards from which the church will not move; either in theory or in practice.
Too often we are guilty of assuming that new people coming in understand these convictions and agree with them.
There needs to be a constant preaching on the Bible convictions and standards as a reinforcement and reminder to those who have been here for many years and a method of teaching to new people coming in.
D. The Church or organization must recruit and hire and promote people who are not merely tolerating but who stand wholeheartedly committed to these convictions.
CONCLUSION: This may not be a complete guarantee against drifting, but will always help to insure our present direction.
It is for this reason that the church must remain true to the Biblical mandates, and the preacher has charge of keeping or some day answer to God for them.
The same principles are true for the individual. What are you going to do to keep from drifting personally and collectively?

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