Daniel 1:8-21, I Cor. 11:28.
There are several areas in our lives we ought to examine on several occasions. Think about the importance of Annual physical check up. How much more important for the Christian to:
Verse 8, Read it!
Verses 13-14 is the result of sensible eating. Ask yourself.
Is good health important to me?
Are my habits consistent with good health?
Have I had a good physical in the past year?
Do I show signs of mental or physical fatigue?
Is my energy level always sufficient for my work?
Have I missed work or school more than three times in the past year?
Do I eat right?
Do I have any bad physical habits I ought to brake?
Do I get proper exercise?
Remember the motto: Diet, exercise and attitude.
How is your intelligence? About average or what?
Is your learning rate fast or?
Do I have a good education? Is it important to me? Verse 20.
What magazines do I take or read online? Do I read them?
What types of articles interest me the most?
Do I consider my training and learning to be well rounded?
Am I ever embarrassed to know so little?
Am I as cautious of my thoughts as my actions?
TOMORROW: Our spiritual and financial life.

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