Read Daniel 1;8-21.
Think about the importance of Annual physical check up. How much more important for the Christian to:
Daniel knew that the king’s meat would not only defile his physical body, but also his spiritual life.
Ask yourself:
Do I really feel close to God?
Are my beliefs based on the Bible?
Do I put God first, above all else?
Do I read my Bible everyday? Pray?
Do I really have a purpose in living?
Am I shocked when I read about the new morality?
Do I hate the devil?
Do I have definite standard to live by or am I always on the border?
Am I seeing my prayer answered?
Does the Holy Spirit have control of every part of my life?
Am I presently meeting my financial needs?
Am I mature in my spending?
Do I now have financial problems? What are some possible solutions?
Am I tempted to keep up with the Jones’s?
Am I living within my income?
Do I lose money by excessive installments?
Do I have good credit? gone through bankruptcy? (You pay a much higher rate of interest with bad credit).
Do I have a budget and stick to it.
Do I Tithe?
TOMORROW: Our Family Life & Our Social Life

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