Read Daniel 1:8-21.
There are several areas in our lives we ought to examine on several occasions. Think about the importance of Annual physical check up. How much more important for the Christian to:
Is my family of great importance to me?
Do my children look forward to coming home at night?
Do my children confide in me, or counsel with me?
Are my children growing up without my really knowing them?
Do I help my children to develop every area of life?
Do my children have the kind of friends I am pleased with?
Who are my children’s heroes?
Do I teach my children the things I want them to know?
Do my children know how to meet other people?
Are my family arguments a problem?
Am I leading my family in a Biblical way?
Do I plan for my family to be a good Christian and citizen?
Do I consider myself friendly? Do I like people?
Have I been trained in social graces, behavior?
Am I considerate of others?
Do I choose my friends with a purpose?
Am I a good listener?
Do I seek to learn from others?
Do I meet the needs of others?
How did I score in this self-test?
Is there a need or room of improvement? In how many areas?
Let’s find out at the altar.

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