Faith and Works!
James 2:14-26

These verses are written to Christians as well as 1:2.

Verses 15-16 If a man comes to you and needs clothes and food. You give him what he needs. Men need to see your works in verse 17.

Look at verse 18, faith is not dead to God. He sees your faith, man cannot. We cannot really judge another person by his works because only God knows – we cannot be fruit inspectors.

Now, let me ask you a question: Is it possible for a man to have it in the heart and not show? Absolutely Yes! It may show to God, because only God knows his heart.

Let me illustrate it this way: How many of you know what SRS on a steering wheel is for, and what does it mean? It means SUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINT SYSTEM, but supplemental to what? Answer, SEAT BELTS!

How many of you ALWAYS wear seat belts? It is dangerous not to wear seat belts.
In fact, the government tells us that thousands a year would be saved it we all used our seat belts.

QUESTION: If you believed in seat belts would you use them? NOT ALWAYS!

That’s why God commands us to live in light of what you believe. And I believe that is the reason James chapter two is written. We do not always practice what we believe.


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