James 2:14-26
I like what someone said: “Faith alone saves, but the faith that saves is not alone.”
Look at verse 19, Demons believe, but do not live in light of what they believe! Saving faith is alive, professing faith is dead. A living faith produces something. You can identify it.
Your works need to match your faith.
Verse 21 Declare righteous: Look at O.J. Simpson, he was declared righteous (innocent) by the jury. Though (most believe) he was guilty.
Let me ask you this: If I am saved am I going to Heaven? YES! Am I innocent? NO! God declares you righteous. And that’s what He did for Abraham, he declared him righteous when he believed; not when he raised his knife to slay his son Isaac.
THIS IS IMPORTANT: We are saved by faith alone and never by works.
Look at Romans 4:1-5. Here Abraham was justified by faith before God and in James two he was justified before man.
Here is an important question: If Abraham had not lived it, would he still be justified? YES! Lot was saved, but did not act like it. And yet God called him “righteous Lot.”
In verse 22 His faith was made complete before man. In verses 23-24 Before God and man. Then look at verse 25, Rahab was justified before the spies – Israel. But, in her country she was a traitor and in Israel she is justified. Works must accompany faith.
On the other hand, you cannot do or say enough to make them know and believe what you say. Our lives are not explainable. Here is the key to the whole message: If you believe in seat belts, wear them.
If you have SRS bags, use them, why? Because our children and people need to see in us what we believe God about. Let me say this in closing: God commands me to be faithful not financially set in the world, retirement, etc.

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