Read Jeremiah 2:1-8,
If you have the time, read entire chapter.
Introduction by Warren Wiersbe: “The name Jeremiah means “whom Jehovah appoints.” Apart from this appointment by God Jeremiah could not have continued to minister faithfully. He was of the priestly line and lived in the priest’s city of Anathoth. Apparently he had some personal wealth because he was able to purchase real estate and even hire a scribe. He was called to the ministry when he was a child according to 1:4-6. Probably in his late teens.
Think of being given the opportunity to go on a shopping spree. Would you look for empty boxes or spoiled items? Well that is exactly what Israel did; they exchanged God’s Glory for worthless empty gods of their own making.
Therefore God uses Jeremiah to give a ‘threefold’ message:
1. He reminds Israel of past blessing and deliverances
    verses 1-7.
2. He rebukes them for forsaking Him verse 13.
3. He accuses them of turning to false God’s verses 10-12;
There are twenty-one questions in this chapter and all of them are important. These questions remind us of the questions that will be asked of unbelievers at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

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