Please read Ephesians 5:22-32.
Our second example is Joshua: Joshua 24:14-25.
In this chapter Joshua once again gathers the people together, to review the history of the children of Israel as well as the graciousness of God towards them in dealing with them. Look at verses 14-16 again.
We as men and fathers must make a covenant with God to be the leaders in our homes. How? By serving Him! Because Israel failed to destroy the occupants of the land (their enemy), they as well as their idolatry surrounded them.
• God and Joshua call them to a complete and real dedication to God.
• Joshua was just an “average” man, but totally committed and loyal to God and to his leader.
• This shows what God can do with the average man or woman who will completely dedicate themselves to God.
• This also teaches that an average man or father can be mightily used of God.
• The sad thing is that there was no one to take Joshua’s place as he did with Moses.
• So, after his death to the time of Samuel, they were under a trial Theocracy and Judges.
• As during the wilderness wanderings, the children of Israel had a Cycle of History during the time of the Judges.
We must be careful to guard our homes and be the leaders God commanded us to be so that we do not follow this cycle, or should we say circle.

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