Please read 2 Corinthians 5:1-8
(I am going to keep it short for 3-4 days, don’t miss it).
In the first part of this message we are going to be spending much time reading some important information and then we will look at the meat of the message and what Paul is really saying in these verses.
Verse 2. “For in this.” In this tent, tabernacle, or dwelling. “We groan.”
The sense is, that we are subjected to so many trials and afflictions in our earthly body; that the body is subjected to so many pains, and to so much suffering, as to make us earnestly desire to be in the body that shall be free from all weakness and suffering.
“Earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house,” etc. There is evidently a change of the figure of speech that gives an apparent harshness to the words. One idea of the apostle is, that the body here, and the spiritual body hereafter, is a house or a dwelling.
Here he speaks of it as a garment which may be put on or taken off; and of himself as earnestly desiring to put on the immortal clothing which was in heaven.
“With our house.” The phrase “to be clothed upon with our house” seems to be insensitive and unusual. The sense is plain, however, that Paul desired to be in that pure, spiritual body which, was to be the eternal abode of his soul in heaven. That he speaks of as a house, a more permanent and substantial dwelling than a tent, or tabernacle.

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