Luke 5:27-32
If you miss Christ, you miss everything. If you fail to know Him, your life is empty and vain. The world is seeking happiness in all kinds of things: materialism, sex and guilt is covered in every way possible.
A few years ago Readers’ Digest carried an article entitled, “Seven Words to Live by: Live, Love, Learn, Think, Give, Laugh, and Try.” The author said, “Can you pack better advice in seven words?”
Though these are good words, I believe a Christian can do better, “believe, trust, witness, give, die to self, know and rejoice.”
To a lost and dying world there is but one word to straighten out the hearts and minds of people – Christ. We must know Him and follow Him. The greatest Christians that have ever lived are those who follow the steps of Jesus Christ.
For the next three days we want to look at a few thoughts on the appeal of the Saviour and ways in which He appeals to you and me.
When the Scribes and the Pharisees sent out men to take Jesus and to bring Him unto them, the men came back without Christ and the enemies of our Lord said, “Why have ye not brought Him?” The officers answered, “Never spake a man like this man.”
The speech of the Saviour belonged to another world. His speech was refreshing, but always true; kind, but not deceptive; cutting, but always loving.
As you read the words of the Saviour, see how shallow the words of the world are.

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