1 Peter 2:20-25, Proverbs 20:11, 4:20-27 (This lesson is familiar territory to all, but the need is great to repeat it often, just like a song).

Habits means, “A way of life.” Matthew 7:16,“Ye shall know them by their fruit.”

Think about things we do by habit: Getting up in the morning, getting dressed, eating, washing, brushing teeth, etc.

Good habits have to be learned and practiced. Bad habits seem to come automatically, but they do not. They too must be learned and practiced.

Good habits make good character; bad habits make bad character.

Habits make character: First the thought, then the act, then the habit, then the character and then the destiny. Habit means custom. Character means to engrave.

The more we live by doing right automatically, and the better habits we have, the better we will be and the more we will accomplish.

Discretion is character and must become a habit to be successful.


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