Read 1 Kings 19:20
If possible, review the last three days by looking back to the posts.
You will remember that years before Elijah asked God to kill him in the wilderness. Isn’t it wonderful that God does not answer all of our prayers? Elisha was a faithful follower, who followed his leader, and then God gave him more than a double portion for his faithfulness, not only to God but also his master.
Think of it, instead of God answering Elijah’s prayer to kill him, God took him home by a chariot of fire and whirlwind. “God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.”
I like what Dr. Lee Roberson said, “There are four groups of people in every church:
1. Leaders: Someone who does what you tell him one time.
2. Workers: Those who carry out the vision of the leader.
3. Followers: Dr. Roberson only expects five things from this group: Go to church three times a week, tithe and go soul winning.
4. Those to be reached: That is anyone who is not in the first three groups. Be they lost or saved.
Associate the words: Drink with Drunkard; dope and addict; lazy and poverty; bad habits and bad character, and remember a good rule to follow: Always think before you act. Also remember that character is habit – good habits are formed by the proper and continuous repetition of doing the right thing.

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