Please read Acts 16:16-40.

A miracle took place, and that whole crowd in Corneluis’s home believed.

They were baptized and went on for the Lord. Then there are those who are like the Philippian jailer, who was fearful, but trusted Christ. It is a blessed truth to note that Paul and Silas were singing and praying in prison.

When most Christians would have been dreadfully discouraged because they were imprisoned and beaten, Paul and Silas sang the praises of the Lord.

When men do this, something is bound to happen. And something did happen.   The Lord sent an earthquake to free His servants. The chains were loosed and the doors were opened. The jailer would have felt, and would have been responsible, had they escaped.  So, he tried to harm himself with the sword.

A man has no right to harm himself. He may be harmed by others, but he should not harm himself with his sword. Paul cried with a loud voice, “…Do thyself no harm: for we are all here”in verse 28. The Jailer fell before these Bible preachers and asked, “… Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

Why did he ask such a question? Undoubtedly Paul and Silas had been singing songs about salvation. The Philippian jailer heard the message in his heart and was ready to receive Christ as Saviour.


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