Please read Acts 16:16-40 for the last time.

Paul answered his question very clearly, “… Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved…” verse 31. Notice that Paul did not say, “get baptized and you will be saved.” Nor did he say, “Be good to others, and you will be saved.” Or, join a church and you will be saved.  He told this jailer to do the one and only thing that can save: that is, to put his trust in Jesus Christ. What a glorious result came from Paul’s witness! The Philippian jailer and his whole family were saved and baptized. They became the backbone of the church at Philippi.” Information taken by permission from “My Morning Manna” by Ed Nelson.

Are you like the Ethiopian, trying to understand the Bible?


Are you like Saul, who was blind due to his own self-satisfaction?


Are you like The Roman centurion, Cornelius; ready to receive the message?


Or, are you like this Philippian jailer, afraid, but ready now to trust Jesus Christ.


Whatever your case:  Jesus is ready to save you now.

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