Or you could call it, “Will You Let God Have His Own Way?”

Acts 2:41-47, 41-42 text.

Think of a cowboy trying to break his horse saying, “Why don’t you let me do it my way. Horse replied, “your way is too easy,” and kept on bucking, just like people buck God today.

Many of us will try all kinds of things to please God – think of some.

FOUR THINGS changes ought to be made:


Someone said, it is a changing of guard in life.

THREE THINGS are absolutely necessary for that change to take place:

  1. REPENTANCE OF SIN – A change of intellect.
  2. BAPTISM – a change of identification with Christ. There are certain responsibilities with Baptism according to Romans 6, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLSHIP, and WORKMANSHIP.
  3. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP – A change in association.

Some people believe that joining a church is not important because it cannot take you to heaven. Well, that is true, but what if you applied the same reasoning to a nation defending itself against the enemy. The Army issues a call to arms. Able-bodied men volunteer and gather weekly for a stirring speech. Then they are sent out to “go at it any way you can, alone.” They wear no uniforms, take orders from no one, and have no plan of battle or structure of command. The wounded lie unattended on the battlefield for weeks. The troops are not identified, not sure where they fit in, and accountable to no one.


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