Read Daniel 1:1-8.
As I studied Daniel chapter 1, verse eight in particular, I realized that Daniel did several things to make him the man of an excellent spirit that he was:
1. He made up his mind at a young age to obey God.
2. Daniel purposed in his heart to do what was right.
3. Daniel purposed in his heart to walk (in the Spirit) with God.
This was very early in Daniel’s life, in the third year of Jehoiakim’s reign, and the Babylonian captivity had just begun. The Babylonians called the first year “the year of accession,” and Daniel was in the first of three groups.
Daniel, the three Hebrew children, and more of the “elite” group were taken at this time. Daniel found favor with the king because he had an excellent spirit with God. The reason Daniel had an excellent spirit in him and was favored by the king is because he had favor with God.
These four key words were evident in his life, and should be in ours:
I. Daniel had a PURPOSE in his life.
What is our purpose in life? Are we doing what we ought to be doing today? Many of us are so concerned about tomorrow and ten years down the road that we have forgotten about the here and now. Daniel purposed in his life to obey God, to do what is right, and to walk in the Spirit today. I believe this is God’s purpose for every one of us.

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