Please read Daniel 1:1-15 again.

We said yesterday that Daniel # I. Had a PURPOSE in his life.

II. Daniel felt a sense of URGENCY about his duty and his service to God.

If there was any procrastination in the life of Daniel, there is certainly no evidence of it in the Scripture, because God found in him an excellent spirit.

III. Daniel lived a life of REJOICING.

In spite of the circumstances, Daniel and the three Hebrew children faced some very difficult circumstances. Notice his spirit in verse twelve. Daniel did not mind being tested for what he believed, and proven to be faithful.

In verse thirteen, his countenance was not changed because of the circumstances. He would not allow those who opposed him to rob him of his joy and his relationship with God.

What a lesson, and I believe a key to us today – REJOICE whether things go good or whether they go bad.

IV. Daniel had a heart filled with ENTHUSIASM.

Enthusiasm means filled with God. Daniel was enthusiastic because he was filled with the Spirit of God.

What a wonderful lesson for us – for us to strive to keep these important key words in our lives in these troubled times.

Why not make these four necessary words a part of your life?

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