Colossians 1:12-19

Lost people used to know our God, but now there is no longer a Biblical foundation because of ‘diversity’ and ‘culture.’

Let me say this: Diversity and culture are the key tools Satan is using to divide us. Here is the good news; you cannot divide God’s truth.

Verse 13.  Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness? The power exerted over us in that dark kingdom to which we formerly belonged–the kingdom of Satan. The characteristic of this empire is darkness–the emblem of (1) sin; (2) suffering; (3) misery and death.

Darkness: blindness, hatred, misery. Darkness is often used to represent the state in which men are by nature. Greek, “out of the power,” out of the sphere in which his power is exercised.

God the Father He delivered us; all that are made meet for the inheritance in light, were once under the power of spiritual darkness: He has rescued us by a strong hand, as the word imports, as Lot was delivered out of Sodom.

Notice # 1. That the state which every soul is in by nature, is a state of darkness:  sin originally springs from darkness, it naturally delights in darkness, it ultimately leads to eternal darkness.

Notice # 2. That it is God, and God alone, that can deliver a soul from the power of spiritual darkness.

Notice # 3. That no power, short of Almighty power in God, is able to deliver a sinner from the dominion of sin, and the power of spiritual darkness; such is the ignorance and blindness of the understanding, such is the rebellion that is found in the sinner’s will, that the sinner is not only unable to deliver himself, but stands in a direct opposition to the grace of God, which offers to work deliverance for him, till, of unwilling, he is made willing, in the day of Christ’s power, And translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son Ps 110:3 that is, brought us into a gospel state, made us members and subjects of his kingdom of grace and heirs of his kingdom of glory.


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