Please read Colossians 1;12-19:

Learn, 1. That Christ was God’s Son, his dear and only Son, the Son of himself, and the Son of his love:  He is called His Son; not only the account of his miraculous conception, nor in regard of his sanctification and mission, nor in regard of his resurrection, nor in regard of the dignity of his person, nor in regard of the dearness of his person; but he is very God of very God, begotten of his Father, by whom all things were made; and accordingly He is, for nature, co-essential, for dignity, co-equal, and for duration, co-eternal with the Father, and consequently truly and really God; and he that denieth the Deity of the Son, in God’s eyes, denies the Father also.

Learn, 2. That Christ, as God’s Son, is a Spiritual King, and exercises a kingly power in and over the souls of those whom he hath delivered from the power of darkness.

Learn, 3. That such as are subjects of his kingdom of grace shall certainly be translated into his kingdom of glory.

Translated: Those thus translated as to state, are also transformed as to character. Satan has an organized dominion with various orders of powers of evil (Ephesians 2:2; 6:12). But the term “kingdom”is rarely applied to his usurped rule (Matthew 12:26); it is generally restricted to the kingdom of God.

It is Christ’s Kingdom in which he is King. He has moral and spiritual sovereignty.

In whom we have redemption. We are redeemed from sin. We were in bondage, but have been purchased. Satan holds us under bondage until our sins are blotted out. The price paid is His blood.


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