Read Colossians 1:12-19,

Verse 17, “And He is before all things.”He was before them all in time, and through him they came into existence.

Verses 15-23 Christ in his human nature is the visible discovery of the invisible God, and he that hath seen Him hath seen the Father. He was born or begotten before all the creation, before any creature was made; which is the Bible way of representing eternity, and by which the eternity of God is represented to us. All things being created by Him were created for him; being made by his power, they were made according to his pleasure, and for his praise and glory. He not only created them all at first, but it is by the word of his power that they are upheld.

In verses 15-17, Paul portrays Christ as the center and source of the creation. In this section he shows that he is the Head of the new creation.


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