Read Numbers 21:4-9

Verse 6, they acted like serpents in hissing at Moses, and now serpents are sent to punish them. God has many ways of chastising sinners. He, who made Moses’ rod a serpent, can also use a serpent as his rod to smite Israel. He will sting those who sting his servants.

Verses 7-8, You have to admire Moses. He prays at once for the people who had been so harsh against him in their complaining. What a lesson in returning good for evil! The people were discouraged because of the way.

Satan will always try to get the Christian to stop living for the Lord: by using every possible way that he can. But when all else fails, he uses his greatest tool – the tool of discouragement.

Several important lessons for today:


The children of Israel took their eyes off the Lord and put on their circumstances.

  1. A Christian sometimes gets discouraged when the way is too hard. God says, “. And the cause (problem) that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will bear it.”
  2. A Christian sometimes gets discouraged when the task is too difficult.

Now look: All of us face hard problems and tasks at times.

Look at Nehemiah in the building of the wall, his people said, “we are not able to build the wall.” Why? There was too much rubbish and the burden bearers were weakened. What did Nehemiah do? He looked unto the Lord.

You say, “God what you are asking is too hard for me.” Yes, but “is anything too hard for God?”

A Christian sometimes gets discouraged when he looks at the prosperity of the wicked Psalm 73. We addressed this in last week’s message. 


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