It is a sin to fret over those who prosper and do evil. So, how can we defeat discouragement?

A. Keep your eyes on the Lord.

          Keep on trusting in Him. Look at Job: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

  1. All of us have trials.
  2. All of us can overcome trials.

Our trials are designed to make us stronger if we are in fellowship with Him. And they are to bring us back into fellowship if we are backslidden.

B. Get busy for the Lord.

 1. Get off the defense and go on offensive.

2. Get back to where you fell out of fellowship with Him. Far too many Christians are quitting their God-given responsibilities.

C. Go back to most important priorities.

In closing: A Christian need never lead a defeated, discouraged life. Don’t let the Devil have victory over you.

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