Please review Jeremiah 2:1-19.

First lesson, the people did not say, “Where is the Lord?”Verse 6.

Though they were trained up of him as their God, yet they never pleaded for Him nor desired the knowledge of His ways.

Secondly, the priests did not say, “Where is the Lord?”Verse 8.

It was the priest’s responsibility to point people to God, but they themselves had no concern for Him. Those who should have taught the people about God did nothing to get the knowledge of Him themselves.

Thescribes, who handled the law, did not know God or His will, neither could they expound the scriptures or do what was right.

Thepastors, who should have kept the flock from transgressing, were themselves involved in transgression: “They have transgressed against me.” The ‘pretenders’ prophesied by Baal, in his name, to his honour, being backed and supported by the wicked kings to confront the Lord’s prophets.

Baal’s prophets joined with Baal’s priests, and walked after the things which do not profit, that is, after the idols which in the end always bring more wickedness.In this chapter we can see how the very leaders who have the responsibility to lead their people in righteousness are the ones to lead in idolatry. No wonder at the sin and ruin of a people when the blind are leaders of the blind.

One cannot help but see the relationship between Judah and America today. Our nation was founded by godly men and women who believed that the Bible was the Word of God, and all their decisions and laws were based upon the Bible.

Now God is rejected and left out of our society. Our nation is led by men who do not know of our spiritual heritage. We have forsaken God and gone after the false gods of money, etc.

American pastors had better be careful that they be not blind leaders leading the blind. God puts the responsibility on the spiritual leaders of the land. No nation falls into depravity until it first falls away from spirituality.

God has blessed America in spite of their turning their backs on God, but better beware, lest we also fall away.

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