Ezekiel 22:30-31

 We talk about martyrs who died for Christ, but they first lived for Christ. God said that He sought for a man that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap for Him.

The tragedy is He did not find a man. Israel was in a terrible condition, especially in the City of Jerusalem.

In verse  2, God calls it a “bloody city” with “all her abominations.”

In the remainder of the chapter, God repeatedly emphasizes the fact that Jerusalem was a bloody city, shedding blood. God warned of judgment that would come in verse 15.

In the rest of the chapter God speaks of the wickedness of Jerusalem and Judah. The country was in sad condition, and God’s hope was that He could find a man who could lead. Always remember that God works through men. God did not seek a committee or a board – He sought for a man.

His heart was broken because He could not find a man that was willing to be used for His glory. I believe it is true of God today, that He is seeking for a man, and cannot find one who is willing to sacrifice and surrender everything to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our nation and this world need a man who will mean business for God.

God sought for a man!

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