Titus 2:1-15

In the previous chapter, the apostle had directed Titus what to do in the organization of churches in the various cities of Crete, and had put him on his guard in doing it, by showing the character of the people he had to deal with.

In this chapter, he gives him various instructions as to his own method of teaching, showing what kind of doctrines he should instill, and what kind of instructions he should give to the various classes of his hearers. He was, in general, to speak only such things as became sound doctrine, Titus 2:1. In particular, he was to instruct aged men to be sober, grave, and temperate–acting in a manner that became their time of life, Titus 2:2; the aged women to be a proper example to the younger women, and to exercise a proper care over them, Tit 2:3-5; the young men to be sober-minded, Titus 2:6; Titus himself, who evidently came under the class of young men, was to be an example to them in all things, Titus 2:7, 8; and servants were to be instructed to perform their duty to their masters with fidelity, Titus 2:9, 10. The duty of giving these instructions is then enforced by a reference to the nature and design of the gospel, Titus 2:11-15. That grace which brings salvation has appeared to all mankind, and its design is to make all holy who embrace it, and to teach all to live for a higher and a better world.


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