1 Thessalonians 4:1-12.
Most of us get really excited when we think about the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and take great encouragement in verses 13-18. Of course, that is as it should be because we are commanded to “watch and pray.”
However; it is interesting to note that there are several things mentioned which must happen before He ever returns.
And these things cause us to ask several questions:
1. Will He find us faithful at His coming?
2. Will He find us loyal at His coming?
3. Will He find us holy at His coming?
This lesson will begin one of the most exciting and rewarding studies we have ever undertaken in the Word of God. I will make the lessons short for about 15-20 days. If you miss one, no problem, because the entire lesson will be posted at the end of the study. As we study the practical application of this chapter we will see that Paul is exhorting the Thessalonians to make progress in their Christian walk. He exhorts them to practice the commandments that He gave them when He was with them.
He also reminds them that they must be careful to obstain from all impurity and uncleanness as this was prevalent in their former lives as Gentiles.

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