1 Thessalonians 4;1-12.

Here is what God is saying, “if we are going to be unblamable in holiness then we must strive to live a holy life.”

This chapter gives us two parts:

  1. Some practical exhortations, verses 1-12
  2. Some suggestions designed to comfort those who had suffered loss in verses 13-18.

 The first part gives the following topics:

  1. An exhortation to increase and abound in the Christian qualities they had already manifested, verses 1-2.
  2. An exhortation on the subject of sanctification, verses 3-8. Two points are specified: fornication and fraud.
  3. An exhortation to brotherly love, verses 9-10.
  4. An exhortation to be busy in their own business, and to honesty in their dealings, especially with Christians, verses 11- 12.


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