Please read Isaiah 1:16-20

Isaiah means: The salvation of Jehovah. His name is repeated many times. Isaiah was from a good family background which is evident by his access to the kings. He was married and had two sons 7:3; 8:1-3.

His ministry began at the close of Uzziah who reigned for 52 years. The sad thing is that Uzziah was basically a good king for all of those years. Except that he overstepped his bounds when he interfered in the ministry of the man of God. His punishment was Leprosy for the rest of his natural life. Isaiah is divided into two parts:

  1. The first thirty-nine chapters take place before the Babylonian captivity.
  2. Chapters forty through sixty-six took place after the captivity.

The first thirty-nine chapters have more to do with Isaiah’s experiences and the last chapters on prophecy. Let’s look at some of the lessons of this text before we move on:

In verses 10-15 Judea was desolate, and their cities burned. This awakened them to bring sacrifices and offerings, as if they would deceive God to remove the punishment, and give them liberty to go on in their sin.      Many, who will readily part with their sacrifices, will not be persuaded to part with their sins. They relied on the mere form as a service deserving a reward. The most-costly devotions of wicked people, without thorough reformation of heart and life, cannot be acceptable to God. He not only did not accept them, but he despised them. All this shows that sin is very hateful to God.

If we allow ourselves to go on in secret sin, or if we reject the salvation of Christ, even our very prayers will become an abomination to Him.


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