NEXT, (and last) “PURITY OF LIFE.”

Back to 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12. We must remember that Paul is writing these new converts that had only a short time before lived a pagan life. It became necessary for him to speak as one with authority, because what was a great sin in the sight of God was indifference to them.

But also remember that the will of God is our sanctification and this involves purity of life. Without purity of life it is very difficult for us to see the Lord. But the Bible says that, the pure in heart will see the Lord. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

So, after almost three weeks of study on “GOD’S CALL TO PURITY AND HOLINESS” how can we live a pure life?


I am not just talking about dirty Television programs, but most of television is not fit for human consumption. Even the ads have gotten worse and worse. The television and computer is a poor substitute for human relationships, etc.


It is my firm belief that if the outside is not right it is impossible for the inside to be right with God. Our inner purity covers our entire spiritual life. We cannot walk in darkness with our videos, television, music and expect to walk with God when it comes time to go to church.

Purity of life implies freedom from all that is selfish, worldly, false and hypocritical because it is the whole character of God.

It is our prayer that this two-week long study has been a challenge and help to you. I have made the entire lesson available by a click on “Sermon of The Week!”

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