Read Matthew 6:25-34.

Here is a thought: the worst kind of anxiety does not add one minute to your life, but it can certainly rob you of a victorious life.


The Lily spreads its blossoms all over the field to show its beauty that even King Solomon has never equaled it. But, this beauty is short lived and will soon fade, cut down and burned. Think of it, if He would clothe a short lived Lily don’t you think that He will care for you and me?

I believe He will much sooner care for you than the Lily in the field. Let me say in closing: The common dress for kings was purple and on special occasions all white (Esther 8:15 and Daniel 7:9).

It is to this that Christ makes reference, “Solomon in all his beauty and white robe was not clothed in a robe of so pure a white as the Lily of the valley.”No wonder Jesus is called the “Lily of the valley,”the purest white.

Now, look at verses 32-34: after these do the heathen seek, the destitute that do not believe in God. Because they do not know God or His doctrine. So, they made it their anxiety to seek after these things, but you and I who know the Father and know that He will provide should not be anxious for any of these things. 

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

God has control over all things and He can give you what you need, therefore; take no thought – be not anxious and commit your way to God. Tomorrow will have cares, but God will provide tomorrow in the same way He did today and yesterday.

Do not add tomorrow’s cares to today’s, but faithfully do your duty today and be confident with “thanksgiving” for tomorrow.

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