Ezekiel 16:1-15, 43, 60-63

This story pictures the relationship of Israel and God. It is a story of a woman without purity to teach a tremendous truth for us and our country today. Chapter 16 is the longest chapter in the Book. It is an important chapter in that it reveals what God did for Israel and what Israel did to God. It presents the Grace of God and a picture of God’s people leaving their first love.

Ezekiel gives a complete outline of God’s ways and God’s grace with Israel from the very beginning, and their ungrateful response to His loving kindness:

  1. The telling of the story verses 1-34.
    1. The abandoned child verses 1-5.
    2. The beautiful girl verses 6-14.
    3. The faithless wife verses 14-34.
  2. The judgment is described 35-43.
    1. The public exposure
    2. The bloody death.
  3. The Comparison of Jerusalem to Sodom and Samaria.
    1. As a mother, so the child.
    2. Samaria as sister.
  4. The promise of restoration of Grace.
    1. Grace is supreme.
    2. Repentance is suspect.

Much of what is said here goes against our nature and is repulsive to the natural man, but we need to remember sin grieves the heart of God more than anything in the world.

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