God’s Plan and Purpose for Marriage!

Malachi 2:1-16

Let me first of all say that this message is for everybody. Though it has a marriage title does not mean that you are excluded if you are single. This message is to the church as well as every family within the local church. I am going to be saying some things that may be very painful for some; however, it will be said with a heart of compassion and love. I also believe that I will put my finger on the real need of the church. I am going to be speaking to me as well as my wife, my family and everyone reading this. This message will do more for us than 10 revival messages if there is no change within the family.

In this text Malachi sharply rebukes and reproves the priests and the people. He also gives a very graphic account of God’s plan for Judah as well as marriage and the family.

Look at verse 11, “Judah hath dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem..”

The men were profaning the “holiness of the Lord”by leaving their wives, and marrying women of the heathen about them.

From these verses we see at least three important principles for the New Testament church and us.


Realize that God knows all about your marriage. We cannot hide anything from God. He sees if we “dealt treacherously.”This can be done in many ways: by harboring bitterness, by determined unforgiveness, by malicious acts, by mean and vicious words, etc.

We are all guilty of one or more of these. I think all will agree that it is a sin and that one can certainly deal treacherously with his wife and vis-versa.

God knows what we are like; you cannot hide from God. He knows the bitterness or sensual desires you foster in your heart. God calls marriage “a covenant of your God”and “the wife of thy covenant.”


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