Malachi 3:6-13.

Malachi is a contemporary of Ezekiel and Nehemiah.

In verse 1 His name signifies messenger, or angel. His office was to hand over the prophetic charge into the hand of another messenger, who was the fore-runner for the Lord, the Messiah himself, the Messenger of the Covenant.  Malachi is the evening star of the Old Testament.

Verses 2-3 Malachi saw the future Judge in the present Saviour. He saw that the people were not ready for the Messiah, and that his coming would be the most severe trial to which Israel had been put, and would more than ever reveal the false-heartedness of the people. He saw, with prophetic eye, the end as well as the beginning, and looked onward to those better days in which Israel will yet be “holiness unto the Lord.”

The first words of this chapter seem a direct answer to the profane demands of the scoffers of those days which closed the foregoing chapter: Where is the God of judgment? To which He readily answered,

“Here he is; he is just at the door; the long-expected Messiah is ready to appear; and he says, For judgment have I come into this world, for that judgment which you have so boldly bid defiance to.”

The meaning of this is, That God will raise up a righteous King, to set things in order, even the king Messiah. And the beginning of the gospel of Christ is expressly said to be the accomplishment of this promise, with which the Old Testament concludes. So that by this the Old Testament and New Testament are, tacked together, and made to answer one another.


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