1 Corinthians 16:1-9, verses 8-9 text.

Great Doors that are open: think about these verses.

Paul really covers a lot of truths in this last chapter. First he talks about collections for the saints in Jerusalem, but then he goes on to discuss other things.

He will talk about opportunities, obligations and oppositions. He will talk about watching and praying, about the conduct of the church, about the acid test of doctrine. The total church is in view here:

  1. In verses. 1-4 the subject of collections.

Amazing how he talks about money after the great chapter of victory and the resurrection. Some people don’t like to hear about money in church and because they want to hear about spiritual matters, He addresses the matter of giving: when– the first day of the week; who– every one of you; how– lay in store; why– God has commanded and prospered; where– in regular services.

    2. In verses 5-9 he talks about his personal plans.

    3. In verses 1-24 he deals with personalities.

His concern was to reach everyone he could. Paul wanted to spend the winter with the Corinthian church; however, he had to remain in Ephesus.

We will see two reasons for staying in Ephesus tomorrow:

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