Psalm 144:1-15.
This Psalm was written by David after one of the deliverances from King Saul, or possibly after the time of the Absalom rebellion. This was the only time David’s people rebelled against him. David realized he needed two things from God: strength and skill.
The psalm also looks prophetically at a time when the children of Israel will suffer during the Tribulation.
Verse 1, if we think that we can do without the protection of God, we will become as many other nations that tried and ended in ruin. Including even now in our own nation.
Verse 2, I am thankful for our powerful military, but even more thankful that God is our Protector, Fortress and High Tower, Deliverer and Shield.
Verse 4, two things man is like: vanity and a shadow that passes away.
Verse 7, Water is figurative of people. Revelation 17:15.
Verse 8, two sins of men in general: spreading vanity and falsehood.
Verse 9, David makes two vows to God: I will sing and I will praise.
Verses 12-4, seven reasons are given for deliverance:
Verse 15, gives the eighth that constitute happiness: (seven given in verses 12-14), “whose God is the Lord” is the eighth.
Then look at the 14 that are given in Psalm 146:5-10.

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