Please read Philippians 2:25-30
Please review the things we have learned about the submissive mind of Christ.
Here is an example of a submissive mind we can all follow:
A. A brother – which means he knew the Fellowship of the Gospel.
B. A companion in labor – which ties him to the furtherance of the Gospel.
C. A fellowsoldier – he knew how to battle for the faith.
1. How easy it is for some to get out of balance.
2. Some Christians think only of fellowship with the brotherhood and have no time to fight the enemy and win souls.
3.Others are so wrapped up in service, they forget the fellowship. An example is Martha in Luke 10:38.
4. Still others are always fighting so much that they neglect fellowship and service. It is easy to always fight the enemy and never build the church.
We need to be balanced Christians.

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