Isaiah 9:6

 More often than not, we see verses such as Isaiah 9:6 and 7:14 used at some time over the Christmas season. Of course, for those who celebrate Christmas every day, it really matters not what season it is. Jesus is always wonderful – an expression probably used more than most others, at least by this pastor.

I. He was wonderful in His birth.

He was wonderful in fulfilling the prophesies of His birth. He was wonderful in His life because He was the Bread of Life, yet He hungered; He was the Water of Life, yet He thirsted.  He was even the King of Kings, yet they killed Him.

II. He was also wonderful in His death.

The sun refused to shine for three hours at the time of His death; insults were hurled at Him; irreverence was paid Him, yet He was the only remedy God had for our sin. Think about this – someone said, “The cross that He bore and the crown that He wore were His own. They should have been mine.” Someone asked the question, “How can I preach God’s Word so that people will hear in their hearts?” The answer was, “Just look at the feet of Jesus and tell them what you see.”


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