Please read Hebrews 10

Someone said, “Hebrews starts out like a sermon and ends like a letter. The main lesson of Hebrews is found in 6:1, “Let us go on unto perfection,”that is spiritual maturity. These Hebrew Christians were not mature Christians, because when God spoke His Word they were not faithful in keeping it. They neglected and drifted from it.

In verse 1, “for”means He is giving further explanation on the finality of Jesus “One”Sacrifice being superior over the sacrifices under the law. “Image”(Eikon) gives through representation of what it images. “Make perfect”(Teleiou) to bring to state of completeness (remember that “without sin unto salvation”in 9:28 means complete deliverance). The idea here is that the law could not actually save the believer because it was always short of completeness. Wow!

Verse 2, “remembrance” is a calling to mind. The memory of sin is constantly revived.

Verse 10, the “will”refers to the will of God which Jesus came to do.

Verse 11, the priests were still ministering in the Temple of Jerusalem which shows the book was written before 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome.

Verses 13-14, “perfected”again (Teleiou), to bring to state of completeness and “forever”ties in with perfected. A perfect state of completeness is what we have in our salvation.

Verse 15, here he quotes Jeremiah in verses 16-18. He declares the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In Old Testament, God wrote His laws on stone and in the New Testament on the heart. God “remembers sin no more”under the New Testament it is done away, put away forever.

This chapter closes the section on THE SUPERIOR PRIESTHOOD (7-10) by pointing out that the priesthood of Christ is based on a superior sacrifice – the sacrifice of Himself.

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