Read Hebrews 10
He gives three reasons why Christ’s sacrifice is superior to those in the Old Testament.
A. The OT sacrifices were ineffective (1-4).
For one thing, they belonged to the age of types and shadows, and therefore could never change the heart.
They were repeated “year by year” (v. 1) and “day by day” (v. 11), thus proving that they could not do away with sin. Otherwise the high priest and his helpers would not have had to repeat them! As 9:10-14 explained, the Old Testament rituals dealt only with fleshly things and ceremonial uncleanness; they could never reach the heart or the conscience. They produced a “remembrance of sins” but not a remission of sins (see 9:22). In the Lord’s Supper, we remember Christ, not our sins (1 Corinthians 11:24; Lk. 22:19); because He has forgotten our sins (8:12)!
B. Christ’s sacrifice is effective (5-20).
Here he quotes Psalm 40:6-8, and the Holy Spirit changes “mine ears hast Thou opened” to “a body hast Thou prepared me.” The reference here is probably to Exodus. 21:1-6. In the year of release, the Jew was required to set his Hebrew servant free. But if the servant loved his master and wanted to remain with him, he was marked with a hole through his ear lobe. From that moment on, his body belonged to his master.
When Christ came into the world, the Spirit prepared Him a body, and He was completely dedicated to His Father’s will. That body would be sacrificed on the cross for the sins of the world. Passages such as Psalm 51:10 and 16; 1 Samuel 15:22; and Isaiah 1:11, made it clear that God saw no finished work in the blood of animals; He wanted the believer’s heart. In verses. 8-9, he takes the words of Christ to show that God, through Christ, set aside the first covenant with its animal sacrifices, and established a new covenant in His Own blood. By His surrender to the will of God, we have been set apart for Him (sanctified)
once and for all.

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