Psalm 30:1-12

Have you ever had a night when you thought morning was never going to come? Have you ever had a problem without hope of an end? Have you ever gone through so much weeping that you ran out of tears?

Hold On! “Joy cometh in the morning.’”

In verses 1-3, David gives thanks to God for deliverance from danger.
In verses 4-5, He calls upon all to give thanks and remember His holiness, because of his faithfulness to restore joy.
In verses 6-7, He communicates how he was affected before his trial and how soon an unexpected change took place.
In verses 8-10, He mentions how, and in what terms, he prayed for mercy.
In verses 11-12, He shows how God heard and delivered him and the effect it had on his mind.

Versec1, “I will extol thee O Lord.”
David was in great distress and overwhelmed by his enemies.
1. He extols (gives praise) God for having lifted him up, and having preserved him from the cruelty of his enemies verses 1-3.
2. He is brought into great prosperity, trusts in what he had received, and forgets to depend wholly on the Lord verses 4-6.
3. The Lord hides his face from him, and he is brought into great distress verse 7.
4. He feels his loss, and prays with supplication verses 8-10.
5. He is restored to the Divine favour, and filled with joy verse 11.
6. He purposes to glory in God alone, and to trust only in Him forever verse 12.

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