Read Psalm 30:1-12 again.

When weeping comes, it is only to endure for the evening; but singing will surely come in the morning.

This description of God’s slowness to anger, and readiness to forgive, is given by David who was “a man after God’s own heart” and looked as Him as his Judge and Father.

Verse 6,“In my prosperity I said, I shall never bemoved.“

A real problem developed in David’s heart at this point: Peace and prosperity had taken his heart off the Lord, and led him to suppose that “his mountain” stood strong, and that adversity could never affect him.

He wanted to know the physical and political strength of his kingdom; and, forgetting to depend upon God, he commanded Joab count the people; for which God punished him in 2 Samuel 24:1-17.

Verse 7, “Thou didst hide thy face.”

Someone said of this, “Thou didst show thyself displeased with me for my pride and forgetfulness of thee: and then I found how vainly I had trusted in an arm of flesh.”

Verse 8, “Icried to thee, O LordMade supplication.”

I found no help except in Him against whom I had sinned.

Verse 9, “What profit is there in my blood.”

What David is saying: Let not the sword come against me. If spared and pardoned, I will declare thy truth; I will tell to all men what a merciful and gracious Lord I have found. “Hear, therefore, O Lord;” Psalm 30:10.

Verse 11.  “Thou hast turned … my mourning into dancing.”

Rather into singing. I have not prayed in vain. Though I deserved to be cut off from the land of the living, yet thou hast spared me, and the remnant of my people. Thou hast taken away my sackcloth, the emblem of my distress and misery, and girded me with gladness.

Verse 12, “To the end that my glory may sing.

The word glory is sometimes taken to signify the liver. Here it is supposed to mean the tongue; why not the heart?

My glory before had sung praise to myself; in it I had rested; on it I had presumed my success.

Two very important lessons for today:


     But, it will only last for a moment.


As sure as there is day there is night: darkness – light; sunset – sunrise; weeping – joy.

God promises joy to the afflicted: Joy in salvation as well as suffering. So, HOLD ON!

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