Psalm 46
If you look at the world and the things in the world you will soon realize that there is not much to live for outside of the Lord.
This Psalm was probably written during the siege of Jerusalem under Sennacherib because it fits no other period in history.
Notice three things God is to us in verse one:
1. He is our REFUGE.
2. He is our STRENGTH.
3. He is our PRESENCE in time of trouble.
Notice also in vs. 2-3, we need not fear:
1. Though the earth be removed.
2. Though the mountains be carried in the midst of the sea.
3. Though the waters roar.
4. Though the mountains shake.
I like what Dake’s Bible says about the prophecy in verse 4, “This will probably flow from the Temple southward and ½ will flow into the Dead Sea through Jerusalem. The water in the Dead Sea will be healed and the fish will come from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea.”
Psalm. 46 encourages us to hope and trust in God, and his power, providence and presence with His church in the worst of times, and directs us to give him the glory of what he has done for us and what he will do. It was probably written upon David’s victories over the neighbouring nations (2 Samuel 8), and the rest which God gave him from all his enemies around about him.

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