Acts 27:9-20
I believe there are basically three kinds of storms:
1. Storms we cause.
2. Those that God causes.
3. Those caused by others.
Three reasons:
A. We take the wrong advice from so-called experts.
B. We need to get advice from God and His man verse 1.
Often we listen to the majority.. “let’s sail” verse 12.
C. We base it on our circumstances verse 13.
In doing this we make three tragic mistakes: verse 15
1. We begin to drift verses 13-17.
2. We begin to discard our cargo verses 18-19.
We drop our God-given responsibilities, we let up on our marriage, church, soul-winning, bus route, Sunday school class, etc.
We have to keep all our precious cargo.
3. We begin to get discouraged.
When you throw all overboard then comes despair, etc.
You lose all hope, and say; “what’s the use.”
And then you begin to compare yourself to others.
When you get so discouraged, that you cannot go on; remember: God is always there even in our self-made storms.

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