Read Psalm 55:5-8

  1. Make prayer a constant practice.
  2. We need to draw on past experiences.

 Verse 19,even He that abideth of old.”  as long as God is on the Throne.

 Notice the rare “Selah” in the middle of the verse. If God delivered once He will deliver again.

3. Cast your burden upon The Lord. Verse 22.

Cast:    shalak (shaw-lak);   to throw out, down or away.

Burden:   yehab (ye-hawb’); what is given (by Providence).

There are three ways to respond to our burdens:

  1. Run from them.

Leads to misery. There are miserable Christians everywhere.

  1. Wilt under the pressure of them. We need to fly above our circumstances.

Like an eagle.  The eagle can fly directly into the sun without blinding him.

Solomon marveled at “the way of an eagle in the air” in Proverbs 30:19. An eagle can stay aloft for hours, rarely moving his wings and riding wind currents.

  1. Cast it back upon The Lord.

If you were hurt, abused, neglected, etc.  I understand, but put it in a package or baggage to God.

 It never pays to run from trouble.

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